Author, The Last Palace

TV and Radio

TV, radio, and other recorded appearances*

September 1, 2018: Norman Eisen on Prague's "Last Palace," Weekend Morning Edition with Scott Simon

September 3, 2018: CNN, Anderson Cooper 360

September 5, 2018: MSNBC,The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

September 6, 2018: NPR, "Obama's Former Ethics Czar Discusses Trump, And The Global Threat To Democracy," Fresh Air

September 6, 2018: CNN, Don Lemon Tonight

September 7, 2018: CNN, Anderson Cooper 360

September 14, 2018: SiriusXM, POTUS Midday Briefing

September 17, 2018: MSNBC, All In with Chris Hayes

 October 7, 2018: NPR, What Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Means For America’s Culture Wars,” All Things Considered  

March 4, 2019: The Commonwealth Club, “Ambassador Eisen: Inside Europe’s Turbulent Century” video and audio event recordings

March 29, 2019: Bertelsmann Foundation, “How to Fix Democracy: Norman Eisen

*All future TV and radio appearances subject to change or cancellation